Meet Me Virgin Safe Online Dating

Your username and password are personal, do not give it to anyone, not even friends or family.

Do not give anyone your address, bank details, credit or debit card numbers or any personal information.

Do not trust anyone that pretends to be an employee of our company or any other company.

Let us know if you see anyone violating our terms so we can take action.

Do not tolerate the bad behavior of any user and do not let them preasure you.

Ask for recent pictures. Meet the person in a public place, never alone. Talk to the person over the phone first and if you are going to meet let a friend or a family member know. Also let them know where and when. Have your mobile always in hand; keep your friends and family informed of your acts. Do not go inside the car of a stranger, always taxi, public transportation or your own.

Do not accept any beverage that you do not know where it came from, keep yourself sober at all times. Meet the person during the day in a public place.

Use common sense and remember that Meet Me Virgin is not responsible of your acts or the acts of other users.

Safer sex greatly reduces the risk of STDĀ“s. Please report suspected exploitation of minors.