Terms And Conditions

Remember that it is very important to read closely these terms and conditions as they will apply every time you access our page.

  1. Meet Me Virgin is a site dedicated to adults over 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years old please close this website immediately.
  2. What you published, such as pictures, descriptions, messages , comments or any other kind of things that were not loaded by us it won´t be the responsibility of Meet Me Virgin. However we have the right to delete any content that we consider offensive for any other users.
  3. We can access your profile and messages to double check that you are not violating any of this terms and conditions.
  4. Meet Me Virgin will not be held responsible of the publication of absolutely anything or anyone. Each client will be responsible for what they upload in our page.

Meet Me Virgin was designed so you can establish new friendships, relationships or just going out with new people that have the same interest as you. You must read out terms and conditions and you should never exchange information that might affect you in the wrong way.

These terms and conditions apply to members and none members. They apply to any person that access the website. You must accept these terms before accessing www.meetmevirgin.com


Meet Me Virgin can only be used for adults over 18 years old, if you are under 18 years old please close this website immediately. Meet Me Virgin is not responsible if you lie about your age when becoming a member, profile or messages.

Beside agreeing with our terms and conditions you must agree with the laws in your own country or country of residence or wherever you are at the moment of accessing our website.


You have the rights to publish any content such as pictures, messages, descriptions, etc but remember that you are 100% responsable of your own acts.
If any of our clients report an offense or if we find any we will delete it immediately.

  1. Offensive material such as pornographic, illegal activities, discriminatory, racist, pedophile, intolerant, or life threaten to someone or anything we might consider.
  2. Any material that has publicity, viruses or any material that can damage our website. You are the only person responsible for your content, so think before taking action!

Remember that you should never exchange information with other users such as personal information, bank details, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, etc. Do not publish in your profile your phone number or address.

Do not use personal information of other users or third persons. Only use your information for yourself as owner of the account. Otherwise we will eliminate it.

Only you can access the account. Do not give the information about your username and password to anyone. You can contact us if you think that someone is using your account.

Everything you publish in your profile is public and can be seen by anyone, member or not.

Remember that you are the owner of your content and because of that you are responsable. When you add any kind of content or send and receive messages you are only authorizing us to distributed in any form or to modified it freely but you have the copy right of all but we can delete them if we think that it does not adapt to our terms and conditions.

You are responsable of the content.

Everything that it is not uploaded by the users is our property. Meet Me Virgin is owner of everything in our website, except what is uploaded by the users.

No user has the right to use the content in Meet Me Virgin or of any of our users.

Without warning and without being responsible we cannot be in charge for the malfunction of the website but we will do our best to make it work as best as we can.

If you access from your móvil, tablet or any other device that can access our page, same rules apply.

We have the power to eliminate any profile if we see that is not performing under our terms and conditions without warning. We won´t be responsible for the lost of materials such as pictures, messages, content, etc.

If you see any offensive material please contact us.

If you access our web you cannot take legal action until you send us a message in order for us to settle the problem in a peaceful way without the intervention of lawyers. If someone takes legal action against you, we won´t help you and we won´t be responsible. If someone takes legal actions against us, we might ask for your help to testified if you are part of it.